We’ve successfully deployed our latest sites as well as this brand-spanking new blog for your amusement and benefit.

Most of our topics will cover either Clojure(Script) or JavaScript and Node.js since that is what we occupy ourselves with most and has our full attention.
This blog will be the place where we share some of our trade secrets with the (un)initiated.

The blog site is set up with the very lean and mean Jekyll blogging engine and uses the latest and greatest Asciidoctor as a template language.
As it is almost mandatory, Grade A syntax highlighting is part of the deal. We’ve rigged it up with Pygments SCSS stylesheets for theming the code snippets.

The site will develop and mature as time progresses, hope to see you often.

(defn do-something [& a-list]
  (template ~@a-list))

(def foo-baro? (partial bamboo :a :c))